How Would You Realize You Need Orthotics?

How Would You Realize You Need Orthotics?

October 1, 2021

If you have not heard about orthotics, you may know them as insoles, footbeds, or inserts. Regardless of what you refer to them as, it is a reality that not many have perfect feet. However, orthotics near me can help some of you more than others.

If you want to understand whether you need help from a chiropractic doctor, please continue reading to understand the common signs for Orthotics and whether it is a suitable option for you.

Understanding Whether You Need Help from an Orthotics Specialist

There are different types of Orthotics needing treatment from a qualified professional. In this article, we explain the five types that may seek help from orthotics.

1. You Stand for over Five Hours a Day

Plantar fasciitis is a common condition that may affect you if you stand for many hours during the day. Plantar fasciitis is an overuse injury to the plantar fascia. The plantar fascia is merely a ligament extending from the heel to your shoes on the bridge of your foot. One foot of yours has 26 bones, 33 joints, and over 100 muscles, ligaments, and tendons. Your feet are a vital foundation of your body, and they are crucial for proper functionality, joint health, and performance. When you compromise your foot health, your mobility is also affected. Orthotics help to relieve the stress you place on your foot by standing all day.

2. Your Shoes Are Worn

Do you keep a close watch on the tread of your shoes? You can expect the soles of your shoes to wear down. However, wearing the tread of your shoes on one side more than the other is a sign of your foot rolling inward or outward. This problem is called pronating or supinating. If you notice treading on your shoes on one side or the other, you must seek help from orthotics in Ottawa to correct the problem.

3. You Have a High Arch or No Arch in Your Foot

Regular shoes do not provide the support your feet need if you have high or low arches. In such cases, orthotics can provide the support your regular shoes don’t and help restore and maintain a healthier walking pattern.

4. Severe Pain Affects Your Foot Or Heel

Severe pain in your foot or heel may affect many activities. Unfortunately, many people do not know about foot pain, and often blame the discomfort on wearing high heels or unsuitable shoes. Plantar fasciitis is a cause of foot or heel pain, specifically in the morning when taking your first few steps. Start the discussion towards healthier feet today, reach out to Ottawa Health: Performance and Rehabilitation because most problems and health issues are best managed proactively and with preventive care.

5. Injuries On A Lower Limb

Recently if you suffered an injury to your hip, knee, leg, or ankle, the damage might affect the pressure you exert on your feet. In addition, the injury can affect the way you walk. Our chiropractors can help you improve your walking.

If you don’t have much information about orthotics, it helps if you visit your primary healthcare provider or physiotherapy near you. They can help you realize if orthotics can help you and refer you to a podiatrist if required. Please do not ignore the referral, thinking foot pain is inconsequential and will disappear by itself.

When you leave foot pain untreated, the problem can trigger long-term complications resulting in limited mobility besides compromising your well-being. Thankfully the Orthotics doctor provides prompt interventions to deal with such issues and others.

What Can You Expect When Seeking Orthotics?

Getting evaluated for foot dysfunction requires a comprehensive assessment from orthotics specialists. When you seek help from orthotics in Ottawa, expect an examination of your feet and an evaluation of the way you walk because it is an essential part of providing an orthotic prescription. Expect the specialists to conduct a gait analysis demonstrating the force pattern of your walking gait cycle. 3D digital scans of your feet are taken for our orthotic producers, who customize a high-quality orthosis specifically for you.