Relocation FAQ

Relocation FAQ

February 6, 2022

Why are you relocating, you just opened your business 2 years ago?

The Ottawa Health Team is constantly looking for opportunities to improve the quality and reach of our service. Our focus over the last year has been to improve parking availability for our patients and practitioners, improving access to those with physical impairments/disabilities, access to specialized rehabilitation equipment and more. We hope that you are as excited as we are and these improvements offset any inconvenience this relocation may bring.

When is the last day operating on Harmer and Carling Avenue? 

We are in the midst of finalizing the logistics of our move. It is anticipated that our last day operating from 303 Harmer Ave South will be February 25th, 2022. We are working hard to have as few interruptions to your care. Our first day of operation in the new location will be March 1st, 2022.

Who is moving to the new location and what is happening to the current location?

We will be relocating ALL of our services (chiropractic, physiotherapy, massage) to 1535 Bank Street, K1H 7Z1 (south of the Glebe, just north of Bank and Heron). Dr. Jan Dorrell is still conducting the majority of her consultations virtually and will not be affected by the move. The 303 Harmer Ave S location will be permanently closed after February 25th, 2022. 

Bank Street can be difficult to find parking on, what is the best way to get there?

One of the best features of the new location is unlimited free parking. We will be located in a plaza with many parking spaces available. We will be located steps away from various bus routes including busses: Greenboro 6, Rockcliffe 6, Hurdman 46, Billings Bridge 46,Hurdman 48

How far is the new location from the current location? 

The distance from 303 Harmer Ave S to 1535 Bank Street is exactly 7km and estimated to take approximately 10-12 minutes driving from the current location. Our main intersection (Bank Street and Heron Road) has quick access to various major roadways such as Riverside S, Airport Parkway, Heron Road, Hunt Club, and more.

I don’t have access to the new location, do I need to find a new Doctor or therapist? Who do you recommend?

We understand that access to transportation may not be available for everyone at all times. In the case that this new location is outside of your reach, the Ottawa Health Team is determined to assist you in receiving the same level of care that you had been receiving. Please let us know and we will provide you with recommendations to continue with your care.

We thank you for your patience with this relocation and we cannot wait to serve you through our new facility! 

If your questions are still unanswered, please reach us at:

Phone: 613. 728. 9414