Prevention and Wellness

Prevention and Wellness in Ottawa, ON

As is the case with most problems, health issues should be handled proactively to reduce your risk with preventive care. Prevention undoubtedly outweighs cure in terms of cost, convenience, and time efficiency. It’s simply easier and cheaper to prevent a problem than it is to treat one.

Our Prevention and Wellness Programs

At Ottawa Health: Performance and Rehabilitation, we’re passionate about empowering our patients to reduce their risk of common health problems. The following is our wellness and prevention protocol:

The ASSESSMENT involves a thorough interview which includes past medical history, and other information about your health that will help us make the best treatment plan for your unique needs. In the beginning, we focus on your pain, injury or area of complaint, followed by your expectations and goals with treatment. The physical assessment component will focus on how your body moves and responds to various orthopaedic testing. 

TREATMENTS follow a natural progression from the history and physical assessment findings to first address your pain levels. Once pain is within a tolerable range, or completely gone, we begin to explore therapies and movements that will produce long-lasting changes and prevent dysfunctions from coming back. Our treatments focus on multiple aspects of health such as:

JOINT FUNCTION is best whenever there is good flexibility, minimal inflammation, strong surrounding muscles and appropriate mobility. Our Chiropractic Doctors near you, are exceptional at assessing and working with you to improve your joint function.

MUSCULAR HEALTH is a combination of a variety of elements, including muscle size, strength, coordination, and ability to control your movements in a wide range of motion (i.e. mobility and flexibility). Studies have shown that poor muscular health is closely related to arthritis-related pain, chronic lower back pain, and even risk of mortality! See the study here.

RANGE OF MOTION is our ability to move and stretch into certain positions. This ability begins to decrease as we get older due to various factors such as arthritis, sedentary jobs, lack of physical activity, and most importantly, lack of practice. 

Our prevention and wellness program aims at preventing the occurrence of pain and dysfunction. It focuses on your strength, enhancing your movement capabilities, and ensuring your body can withstand everyday pressures. This program is excellent if you’re looking to beat age-related movement limitations or return to athletics after a hiatus. We also recommend the prevention program for anyone looking to improve their health holistically.

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