VO2 Testing -

VO2 Testing

During exercise, your body needs to deliver oxygen to your muscles which then allows them to perform well. When referring to our cardiovascular system, your ability to deliver and use oxygen is what defines how “fit” you are and how well you can perform in aerobic exercise. Whenever we are burning fats, we primarily use the mitochondria and oxygen. Therefore, a VO2 test can be used to estimate the participants ability to utilize oxygen and their mitochondria. 

As we participate in higher intensity exercise, our body begins to use carbohydrates for energy. At this point, your body stops using fats and begins using energy from carbohydrates. This is the reason why working too hard may be counter-productive. One big difference between an athlete and an inactive individual, is that inactive individuals primarily utilize carbohydrates rather than fats for energy. 

Why test your VO2?

One of the most useful reports from the VO2 test, is the effective fat burning chart below. After the assessment, we will provide you with a chart similar to this. You’ll be able to identify at which heart rate intensity, you are burning the most fat. You can see in this sample graph that the most significant fat burning occurred at a heart rate of 113 beats per minute with a speed of 80.0 and resistance of 80.