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You can think of nutrition and dietary choices as fuel to keep your body running. Most people would agree that there are days where the body feels better than others and you should wonder, why is that the case? Holistic nutrition explores the balance between the various components of food and supplementation with physical and mental function.

At Ottawa Health: Performance and Rehabilitation, we offer holistic nutrition services to complement physical health and overall performance. Our approach is simple yet effective. Leave fad diets and complicated protocols behind to pursue attainable lifestyle changes that you can sustain and enjoy!

What Makes Our Approach Different?

  • Personalized Flexibility
    Our approach uses evidence-based methods proven to work. We do not rely on one diet or protocol because we understand that everyone’s metabolism, gut microbiome, and food tolerances are different.
  • Cutting Edge Technology
    Join one of the few facilities in Ontario that is equipped with FDA approved technology to assess metabolic rate to help guide our dietary recommendations. We do not believe in “guessing” and have invested to ensure our clients get accurate and useful information to compliment their hard efforts.
  • All-encompassing Team For Support
    Our medical team includes nurse practitioners who are readily available for medical support and interventions when needed. This may include acquiring blood work or certain prescription medications to support any underlying problems.

Who We Can Help

While anyone can benefit from optimal nutrition and supplementation, the following are specific areas of expertise that we can support:

  • Weight Loss
  • Bodybuilding
  • Sport Performance
  • Improve InsulinSensitivity
  • Meal Plans
  • Much More!

Take advantage of our complimentary discovery visit with our holistic nutritionist to discuss your specific needs. As much as we would love to help everyone, we know our strengths and limitations.

This option is perfect for an individual that already has good control of their dietary and lifestyle practices but are looking for a fresh set of eyes to evaluate and recommend a minor change. All new members will need an assessment before proceeding with our monthly packages.

This session includes:

  • 60-Minute Assessment
  • Body Composition Analysis
  • Shopping List Recommendations
  • Current Lifestyle Evaluation and Recommendations

Price: $100 Optional Meal Plan: $50

** This assessment is offered at no cost to our medical program members**

This package is the perfect option for meeting a specific short-term goal. Within three months of a dialed-in nutritional plan, you will start to see change while becoming accustomed to the new lifestyle routine.

Our three-month plan is recommended for “reasonable” short-term goals, from prepping for a sporting event to fitting into an old dress. Of course, these goals must be within the healthy weight loss boundary. It is always recommended to speak with our nutritionist if you doubt your goals may fall within the short-term range of three months.

Included in the Program:

  • Six 30-Minute Follow-Ups Scheduled Bi-Weekly (In person or Virtual)
  • Weekly Check-Ins via Phone or Email
  • Shopping List Recommendations

Price: $390 Lump Sum or $130/Month (HST included) Optional Meal Plan: $50

Our most popular option for long-term changes and lifestyle modifications, this package is recommended for long-term planning through a healthy approach to meeting your goals. With ongoing support for 24 weeks, your health goals will be reached in a manner that is sustainable and personalized to your lifestyle. This option is ideal for addressing chronic health issues like insulin sensitivity problems, metabolic dysfunction, pre-diabetic conditions, and athletes seeking to optimize their training regimen.

Included in the Program:

  • Twelve 30-Minute Follow-Ups Scheduled Bi-Weekly  (In person or Virtual)
  • Weekly Check-Ins via Phone or Email
  • Body Composition Analysis (Upon Assessment and 4 Months)
  • Meal Plan Included

Price: $660 Lump Sum or $110/Month (HST included)

Meet Corey Hazell

I graduated from the Canadian School of Nutrition in 2018. I am a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and as such, I believe in focusing on body and mind to achieve a state of homeostasis in which the body can obtain usable nutrients. Additionally, I put an emphasis on bio individuality. That is to say, everyone is different and therefore, there is no one diet that is right for everyone. I am passionate about helping my clients achieve their goals through evidence based techniques, sustainable dietary and lifestyle changes, education and coaching.

I am a dad first and foremost! Spending time with my son and family brings me the most joy. I live a very active life and have been involved in hockey, football and lacrosse my entire life. Additionally, I am passionate about fitness and have been a certified personal trainer for the past 10 years. You will often find me in the gym working up a sweat!

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