Physiotherapy in Ottawa, ON

Physiotherapy focuses on rehabilitating and improving your functional ability and/or performance while optimizing your strength and mobility to move without restriction. Our physiotherapists approach your care with a holistic lens to assess the interactions between your muscular, skeletal and nervous systems to identify and resolve the challenges that exist therein.

At Ottawa Health: Performance and Rehabilitation, our physiotherapists also consider different aspects of your lifestyle when customizing your treatment plan. Whether your goal is to recover from recent surgery, rehabilitate an injury, or gain strength and mobility, we will work together to get you there. Our hands-on approach to physiotherapy in Ottawa, ON can bring long-term wellness for you and your loved ones.

Who Needs Physiotherapy?

You should consider booking a physiotherapy assessment if you are battling new or chronic pain and/or functional limitations that get in the way of your everyday life. Physiotherapy is highly recommended for individuals who are battling illness, injury, or disability. At Ottawa Health: Performance and Rehabilitation, we tailor our physiotherapy treatments to address your unique needs.

You may also be the right candidate for physiotherapy if any of the below applies to you:

  • You have a limited range of motion
  • You have pain with movement
  • You struggle with balance or dizziness
  • You have post-concussion symptoms
  • You’ve recently suffered a sports or work-related injury
  • You’ve removed a cast or undergone a joint replacement and need to regain your abilities
  • You have arthritis or other chronic conditions such as multiple sclerosis (MS)

What conditions or injuries do our physiotherapists treat?

  • Muscle strains / pulls
  • Ligament and joint sprains
  • Concussion rehabilitation
  • Pre- and post-surgical rehabilitation
  • Post-trauma rehabilitation (fracture cast, brace removal)
  • Motor vehicle accident claims
  • New or chronic sport- or work-related injuries
  • Low back pain & disc herniations
  • Neck pain & disc herniations
  • Tennis elbow & Golfers elbow
  • Osteoarthritis pain & functional limitations
  • Among many more!

This is not an exhaustive list. Give us a call at 613-728-9414 to find out if our physiotherapists can help you!

What to Expect

Physiotherapy combines different techniques, including education and counselling, movement and exercise, manual therapy to promote wellness along with several modalities: acupuncture dry needling, shockwave therapy, IFC, and ultrasound. Our physiotherapists have extensive experience helping thousands of people regain their mobility and live pain-free and productive life.

We begin every initial assessment with a thorough evaluation to determine the extent of your needs. After this, the patient and physiotherapist collaborate to make a custom treatment plan that incorporates everything you need to return to good health.

At Ottawa Health, our philosophy and reputation supersede the frequency of visits. We also work together with our other practitioners to ensure you get the comprehensive care you require. Often, patients need a combination of treatments with our other practitioners to regain optimal health. Your recovery is our priority.

Physiotherapy is a safe, drug-free, non-invasive, and effective means of combating movement limitations and other physical challenges. If you’re interested in physiotherapy near you, contact us today! We also offer online booking here for your scheduling convenience.

As always, our staff and practitioners are eager to answer your questions.

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