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Chiropractors are doctors with special expertise in
Our physiotherapists excell in rehabilitation catering to sport injuries, work related injuries, surgical rehab and more.
Our custom orthotics and braces help correct anatomical dysfunctions of the lower limb.
We can assist your recovery from start to finish. We have a great network of lawyers, therapist and equipment to assist in your recovery.
An affordable option for anyone who does not have a family doctor. Available for all ages.
Experience the benefits of a holistic program focused on logevity and disease prevention.
Massage therapy involves gentle but effective techniques
Cortisone injections for advanced joint pain and other conditions such as bursitis.
The gold standard for assessing cardiovascular fitness. This test has been closely associated with risk of mortality but is also used to improve physical performance.
This test will provide you with a baseline recommendations for caloric intake to help with your nutritional goals.
Improve metabolic function and loose weight with science! Our approach is science-based without the need for fad diets.
Nutrition is the fuel to our body and mind. Experience the benefits of a custom nutritional plan for your goals.

Physical therapy

Integrating Physical Therapy with Medical Services

Established with one goal in mind: to become leaders in the delivery of healthcare services in Ottawa by bridging the gap between physical therapy and conventional medicine. 

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ottawa health

performance and rehabilitation offers you undivided attention

At Ottawa Health, located in the Alta Vista area, we offer a unique style of care that prioritizes quality over quantity. Our dedicated professionals take their time with every patient, ensuring personalized, one-on-one attention throughout your entire appointment. Unlike other clinics, we do not rely on assistants or therapy machines. Instead, you receive our undivided attention and expert care from start to finish. Experience the difference with our top-rated chiropractic and physiotherapy services in Ottawa.


Meet our Collaborative Team

At Ottawa Health: Performance and Rehabilitation, our collaboration goes beyond skilled physiotherapists, chiropractors, and allied healthcare providers. Our Ottawa facility is the first to integrate medical nurse practitioners within a comprehensive clinic setting. We cater to individuals of all ages and abilities, from children to seniors. We believe that optimal performance is essential at every stage of life, whether you are an athlete or not.


Our Integrated Approach: 

  • Personalized recovery plans with short term attainable goals
  • Education on prevention and underlying risk factors
  • Expedited medical in-house services, enhancing diagnosis and treatment
  • Accelerated results with a team of experts at your reach


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